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Thu, Jul 7, 2022

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Feb 2
Patti Smith at Electric Lady Studios in New York, NY, USA
Patti Smith
NOTE: Patti Smith, Lenny Kaye, and Tony Shanahan - livestream on Mandolin for Substack subscribers
  1. Grateful
  2. The Tyger (William Blake Cover)
  3. My Blakean Year
  4. Just Kids (Allen Ginsberg - sandwich)
  5. Ghost Dance (Patti Smith Group Cover)
  6. Free Money
  7. Redondo Beach
  8. Lightning Striking (Patti reads her praise from Lenny Kaye's new book)
  9. Woolgathering (Kimberly passage)
  10. Kimberly
  11. Just Kids (Visiting Jim Morrison's grave)
  12. We Three (Patti Smith Group Cover)
  13. Beneath the Southern Cross
  14. Dancing Barefoot (Patti Smith Group Cover)