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Thu, May 19, 2022

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Oct 15
Better Than Ezra at The Lawn at L'Auberge Casino & Hotel Baton Rouge in Baton Rouge, LA, USA
Better Than Ezra
  1. King of New Orleans
  2. Misunderstood
  3. A Lifetime
  4. The Great Unknown
  5. Good
  6. Rosealia
  7. This Time of Year
  8. Hey Fighting Tigers
  9. Extra Ordinary (with teases of "Can't Feel My Face" and "What I Got")
  10. Santeria (tease; Audience sings while Michael Jerome drums) (Sublime Cover)
  11. Grateful
  12. Desperately Wanting
  13. Sincerely, Me (with "I Wanna Be Sedated" intro)
  14. Fuzzy
  15. Laid (>) (James Cover)
  16. Juicy (with "Miss You" Intro and teases of "O.P.P" and "Rapper's Delight")
  17. In the Blood (with tease of "Don't Fear the Reaper")
  1. Porcelain
  2. Tiny Dancer (Elton John Cover)
  3. Just Like Heaven / Melt With You / Blister in the Sun
  4. Don't You Want Me (The Human League Cover)
  5. Take On Me (a‐ha Cover)