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Tue, Aug 16, 2022

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Oct 2
Todd Rundgren at Big Night Live in Boston, MA, USA
Todd Rundgren The Individualist, a True Star Tour
Set 1: The Individualist -- Greatest Hits
  1. How About a Little Fanfare?
  2. I Think You Know
  3. Open My Eyes (Nazz Cover)
  4. Hello It's Me (Nazz Cover)
  5. We Gotta Get You a Woman
  6. I Saw the Light
  7. It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference
  8. Black Maria
  9. An Elpee's Worth of Toons
  10. Too Far Gone
  11. A Dream Goes on Forever
  12. The Death of Rock and Roll
  13. Can We Still Be Friends
  14. Real Man
  15. Love of the Common Man
  16. Compassion
  17. Couldn't I Just Tell You
  18. Fair Warning
Set 2: A Wizard, a True Star: Side 2 - "A True Star"
  1. Sometimes I Don't Know What to Feel
  2. Does Anybody Love You? (Kasim Sulton on lead vocals. First performance since February 2010)
  3. I'm So Proud (The Impressions Cover)
  4. Ooo Baby Baby (The Miracles Cover)
  5. La-La Means I Love You (The Delfonics Cover)
  6. Cool Jerk (The Capitols Cover)
  7. Hungry for Love (First performance since February 2010)
  8. I Don't Want to Tie You Down
  9. Is It My Name? (First performance since February 2010)
  10. Just One Victory
  1. Evrybody