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Tue, Sep 21, 2021

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Jun 26
Bad Religion at The Roxy in West Hollywood, CA, USA
Bad Religion Decades Filmed Live at the Roxy
NOTE: Livestream on NoCapShows - Decades Filmed Live at the Roxy - 2010s - Season 2
  1. Past Is Dead (first time live since 2015)
  2. Age of Unreason (live debut)
  3. Nothing to Dismay (first time live since 2013)
  4. Hello Cruel World (live debut)
  5. Big Black Dog (live debut)
  6. In Their Hearts Is Right (live debut)
  7. The Profane Rights of Man
  8. Won't Somebody (first time live since 2010)
  9. Downfall (live debut)
  10. Meeting of the Minds
  11. The Devil in Stitches (first time live since 2012)
  12. Dept. of False Hope (first time live since 2015)
  13. What Tomorrow Brings (live debut)
  14. Cyanide (first time live since 2015)