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Mon, Jan 17, 2022

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Mar 21
Todd Rundgren at Private Venue in Chicago, IL, USA
Todd Rundgren Clearly Human Live Virtual Tour 2021
NOTE: Limited in person attendance; livestream to the Portland Oregon market
  1. Real Man
  2. Love of the Common Man
  3. Secret Society (Utopia Cover)
  4. Something to Fall Back On
  5. Parallel Lines
  6. Unloved Children
  7. Love in Action (Utopia Cover)
  8. Compassion
  9. The Waiting Game
  10. Can't Stop Running
  11. The Smell of Money
  12. God Said
  13. Love Science
  14. Feel It
  15. Sweet
  16. Change Myself
  17. Love Is the Answer (Utopia Cover)
  18. Lost Horizon
  19. Rock Love (Utopia Cover)
  20. Hawking
  21. The Want of a Nail
  1. Hello It's Me (Nazz Cover)
  2. I Love My Life