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Thu, Jul 29, 2021

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Feb 29
Tesla at Route 66 Casino in Albuquerque, NM, USA
Tesla Shock
  1. Tied to the Tracks
  2. Modern Day Cowboy
  3. Lazy Days, Crazy Nights
  4. Breakin' Free
  5. Heaven's Trail (No Way Out)
  6. Taste Like
  7. We Can Work It Out (The Beatles Cover)
  8. Signs (Five Man Electrical Band Cover)
  9. Miles Away
  10. Changes
  11. What You Give
  12. Into the Now
  13. Set Me Free (Frank and Dave acoustic - Frank Hannon vocals) (Frank Hannon Cover)
  14. Love Song
  15. Little Suzi (Ph.D. Cover)
  16. Rock Me to the Top