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Sun, Sep 19, 2021

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Feb 17
Train at Norwegian Pearl in Miami, FL, USA
  1. Mai Tais (with Sedona)
  2. Drink Up (with John Driskell Hopkins)
  3. Get to Me (with Todd Carey)
  4. Free (with Yacht Rock Revue)
  5. Angel in Blue Jeans (with Nick Howard)
  6. Bruises (with Alan Stone)
  7. Save Me, San Francisco (with Sam Johnson)
  8. For Me, It's You
  9. Marry Me (with Temecula Road)
  10. All I Ever Wanted (with Matt Nathanson)
  11. Calling All Angels (with Delta Rae)
  12. Hey, Soul Sister (with The Rembrandts)
  13. I Got You (with Kevin Griffin)
  14. With a Little Help From My Friends (with Ezra Ray Hart) (The Beatles Cover)
  15. Drive By (with The Dan Band)
  16. Drops of Jupiter