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Fri, Dec 9, 2022

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Dec 21
At the Gates at Trix Club in Borgerhout, Flanders, Belgium
At the Gates
  1. The Muppet Show Theme
  2. Der Widerstand
  3. To Drink From the Night Itself
  4. Slaughter of the Soul
  5. At War With Reality
  6. A Stare Bound in Stone
  7. Cold
  8. The Colours of the Beast
  9. El altar del dios desconocido
  10. Death and the Labyrinth
  11. Daggers of Black Haze
  12. Under a Serpent Sun
  13. The Swarm
  14. Raped by the Light of Christ
  15. Heroes and Tombs
  16. Nausea
  17. The Mirror Black
  18. Suicide Nation
  19. The Book of Sand (The Abomination)
  20. Blinded by Fear
  21. The Night Eternal