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Thu, Apr 18, 2024

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Nov 30
Devil You Know, Ice Nine Kills at The Palladium in Worcester, MA, USA
Devil You Know The Octane Accelerator
  1. The Bitter End
  2. Calm Before the Storm
  3. Lost in the Fire
  4. Virus
  5. Consume the Damned
  6. The Safety of Disbelief
  7. The Sound of Violence
  8. Die Alone
Ice Nine Kills The Octane Accelerator
NOTE: Show was recorded for the band's live album "I Heard They Kill Live" and was live streamed on October 29th
  1. Thank God It's Friday
  2. The Jig Is Up
  4. The Nature of the Beast
  5. The World in My Hands
  6. Communion of the Cursed
  7. A Grave Mistake
  8. Your Number's Up
  9. Rocking the Boat
  10. Merry Axe-Mas
  11. Thriller (Michael Jackson Cover)
  12. Hell in the Hallways
  13. Stabbing in the Dark
  14. The Fastest Way to a Girl's Heart Is Through Her Ribcage
  15. Love Bites
  16. Tess‐timony
  17. Me, Myself & Hyde
  18. The American Nightmare
  1. IT Is the End