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Mon, Oct 2, 2023

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Nov 24
Hawkwind at The Empire in Coventry, England, UK
Hawkwind 50th Anniversary tour
  1. Motorway City
  2. Flesh Fondue
  3. Last Man on Earth (sung by Magnus Martin)
  4. The Song of the Gremlin (Robert Calvert Cover)
  5. Born to Go / You Shouldn't Do That / Born to Go
  6. 65 Million Years Ago
  7. In the Beginning
  8. Spirit of the Age
  9. The Fantasy of Faldum
  10. Silver Machine (sung by Richard Chadwick)
  11. Assault and Battery
  12. The Golden Void
  13. Right to Decide
  1. Hurry On Sundown
  2. Master of the Universe / Welcome to the Future