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Sat, Oct 23, 2021

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Nov 16
Halestorm, In This Moment at Tonhalle in Munich, Bavaria, Germany
  1. Do Not Disturb
  2. Love Bites (So Do I)
  3. Mz. Hyde
  4. I Get Off
  5. Killing Ourselves to Live
  6. Familiar Taste of Poison / Amen (with extended outro and guitar solo)
  7. Bass / Drum Solo
  8. Freak Like Me
  9. Mayhem
  10. Chemicals
  11. Black Vultures
  12. I Am the Fire
  1. Break In (partial, Lzzy solo on piano)
  2. Dear Daughter (partial, Lzzy solo on piano)
  3. I Will Always Love You (Lzzy solo on piano) (Dolly Parton Cover)
  4. Here's to Us
  5. She Won't Mind
  6. Uncomfortable
  7. I Miss the Misery (with extended outro and snippet of "Rock Show")
In This Moment
  1. Don't Stop Believin' (Journey Cover)
  2. Fly Like an Eagle (Steve Miller Band Cover)
  3. River of Fire
  4. Adrenalize
  5. Natural Born Sinner
  6. Legacy
  7. Big Bad Wolf
  8. Blood
  9. Whore