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Sat, Mar 6, 2021

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Oct 18
Godsmack, Halestorm at BOK Center in Tulsa, OK, USA
Godsmack When Legends Rise
NOTE: Arejay Hale Of Halestorm joined during Highway To Hell
  1. When Legends Rise
  2. Say My Name
  3. Cryin' Like a Bitch!!
  4. Voodoo
  5. Unforgettable
  6. Awake
  7. Take It to the Edge
  8. Something Different
  9. Keep Away (Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath riff tease at beginning of song)
  10. Batalla de los tambores (featured medley of Back In Black, Walk This Way, Enter Sandman, Moby Dick, Tom Sawyer)
  11. Whatever
  1. Under Your Scars
  2. Bulletproof
  3. Highway to Hell (AC/DC Cover)
  4. I Stand Alone
  1. Amen (extended outro)
  2. Love Bites (So Do I)
  3. I Get Off
  4. Black Vultures
  5. Bass / Drum Solo
  6. Do Not Disturb
  7. Freak Like Me
  8. Uncomfortable
  9. Chemicals
  10. Here's to Us
  11. I Miss the Misery (extended outro)