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Sun, Oct 2, 2022

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Oct 15
Nashville Pussy at The State Room in Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Nashville Pussy
  1. Pussy Time
  2. Piece of Ass
  3. Wrong Side of a Gun
  4. Pillbilly Blues
  5. We Want a War
  6. Rub It to Death
  7. Go Home and Die
  8. She Keeps Me Coming and I Keep Going Back
  9. CCKMP (Steve Earle Cover)
  10. Low Down Dirty Pig
  11. First I Look at the Purse (The Contours Cover)
  12. Go to Hell
  13. (I Wanna) Testify (Parliament Cover)
  14. Struttin' Cock
  15. Till the Meat Falls Off the Bone
  16. I'm So High
  17. Go Motherfucker Go