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Tue, Jan 31, 2023

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Aug 23
Children of Bodom at Kaisaniemen puisto in Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
Children of Bodom Hexed
  1. Needled 24/7
  2. Hate Me!
  3. Under Grass and Clover
  4. In Your Face
  5. Platitudes and Barren Words
  6. I Worship Chaos (Before the song band awarded gold records of "I Worship Chaos" -album)
  7. This Road
  8. Everytime I Die
  9. Downfall
  10. Hecate's Nightmare
  11. Hatebreeder
  12. Lake Bodom
  13. Angels Don't Kill
  14. If You Want Peace... Prepare for War
  1. Living Dead Beat
  2. Are You Dead Yet?
  3. I'm Shipping Up to Boston (with Lost Society) (Dropkick Murphys Cover)