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Sun, Sep 19, 2021

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Aug 17
Skunk Anansie at O2 Academy Brixton in London, England, UK
Skunk Anansie 25LIVE@25
  1. Charlie Big Potato
  2. Because of You
  3. All in the Name of Pity
  4. I Can Dream
  5. You'll Follow Me Down
  6. My Ugly Boy
  7. Twisted (Everyday Hurts)
  8. Weak
  9. Cheap Honesty
  10. Love Someone Else
  11. I Believed in You
  12. God Loves Only You
  13. Without You
  14. Hedonism (Just Because You Feel Good)
  15. This Means War
  16. Intellectualise My Blackness
  17. Yes It's Fucking Political
  18. Tear the Place Up
  1. You Do Something to Me (with Paul Weller) (Paul Weller Cover)
  2. What You Do for Love
  3. The Skank Heads (Get Off Me)
Encore 2
  1. Secretly
  2. Highway to Hell (AC/DC Cover)
  3. Little Baby Swastikkka