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Sun, Jun 26, 2022

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Jul 7
Better Than Ezra at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia, PA, USA
Better Than Ezra
  1. Daylight
  2. A Lifetime
  3. Extra Ordinary (with I Can't Feel My Face / What I Got / Santeria medley at end)
  4. Grateful
  5. Breathless
  6. Hollow (First time since 2017)
  7. At the Stars
  8. King of New Orleans
  9. Sincerely, Me (I Wanna Be Sedated intro)
  10. Waxing or Waning? (Partial, First time since 2013)
  11. Live Again
  12. Good
  13. Sara Smile (Cold Beverage partial intro, Kevin goes into the audience) (Daryl Hall & John Oates Cover)
  14. WWOZ (First time since 2012)
  15. Crazy Lucky (Norwegian Wood partial intro)
  16. Gonna Get Better
  17. Laid (James Cover)
  18. Miss You (Partial) (The Rolling Stones Cover)
  19. Juicy (with Rapper's Delight / O.P.P. medley)
  20. Desperately Wanting (Jam/Don't Drink The Water bridge)
  1. Tiny Dancer (Elton John Cover)
  2. Beautiful Mistake