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Thu, May 23, 2024

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Feb 13
Steven Wilson at Auditorium Teatro Manzoni in Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy
Steven Wilson No Tour Assigned
VIP soundcheck
  1. Trains (SW acoustic) (Porcupine Tree Cover)
  2. Sectarian (full band performance)
  3. Abandoner (Adam Holzman piano improvisation)
Steven Wilson To the Bone
NOTE: Due to location timing restrictions, SW announced that the show had to be a unique one long set without intermissions, in order to play as much songs as possible.
  1. Intro ("Truth" short film)
  2. Nowhere Now
  3. Pariah
  4. Home Invasion
  5. Regret #9
  6. Don't Hate Me (Porcupine Tree Cover)
  7. The Same Asylum as Before
  8. Get All You Deserve
  9. Ancestral
  10. No Twilight Within the Courts of the Sun
  11. Index
  12. Permanating
  13. Song of I
  14. Lazarus (Porcupine Tree Cover)
  15. Detonation
  16. Vermillioncore
  17. Sleep Together (Porcupine Tree Cover)
  1. Sentimental (the keys didn't work and it took few minutes to fix it) (Porcupine Tree Cover)
  2. The Sound of Muzak (Porcupine Tree Cover)
  3. The Raven That Refused to Sing