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Sun, Dec 5, 2021

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Dec 15
The Dead Milkmen at Irving Plaza in New York, NY, USA
The Dead Milkmen
  1. Only the Dead Get Off at Kymlinge
  2. Tiny Town
  3. Punk Rock Girl
  4. Serrated Edge
  5. Methodist Coloring Book
  6. Now I Wanna Hold Your Dog
  7. I Walk the Thinnest Line
  8. Stuart
  9. Welcome to Undertown
  10. Take Stuff From Work (with John S. Hall) (King Missile Cover)
  11. Bitchin' Camaro
  12. Beach Party Vietnam
  13. Big Words Make the Baby Jesus Cry
  14. V.F.W.
  15. The Thing That Only Eats Hippies
  16. Wonderfully Colored Plastic War Toys
  17. Dean's Dream
  18. I Dream of Jesus
  19. Nutrition
  20. Surfin' Cow
  21. Tacoland
  22. Big Lizard
  23. Welcome to the End of the World
  24. Life Is Shit
  25. (We Don't Need This) Fascist Groove Thang (Heaven 17 Cover)
  1. Life Is Shit (reprise)
  2. Beige Sunshine
  3. The Coast Is Not Clear
  4. Swordfish / Heads Down, Fingers Up
  5. Two Feet Off the Ground