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Sat, Dec 10, 2022

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Nov 15
At the Drive‐In, Blondie, Death Cab for Cutie at Memorial da América Latina in São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
At the Drive‐In No Tour Assigned
NOTE: At the Drive-In live debut in Brazil. 'Napoleon Solo' was on the printed setlist, but wasn't played due to time limit
  1. Arcarsenal
  2. Governed by Contagions
  3. Sleepwalk Capsules
  4. Hostage Stamps
  5. Invalid Litter Dept.
  6. Enfilade
  7. No Wolf Like the Present
  8. Pattern Against User
  9. One Armed Scissor
Blondie No Tour Assigned
NOTE: Blondie live debut in Brazil. Guitarist Chris Stein did not perform with the band
  1. One Way or Another
  2. Doom or Destiny
  3. Fun
  4. Call Me
  5. Rapture
  6. Maria
  7. The Tide Is High (The Paragons Cover)
  8. Long Time
  9. Atomic (followed by band introductions)
  10. Heart of Glass (Debbie dedicated the song to Chris Stein)
  11. Dreaming
Death Cab for Cutie Thank You for Today
NOTE: Death Cab for Cutie live debut in Brazil. Ben Gibbard injured his back before the concert and had to perform sitting in a chair
  1. I Dreamt We Spoke Again
  2. Summer Years
  3. The Ghosts of Beverly Drive
  4. Photobooth
  5. Title and Registration
  6. Gold Rush
  7. Crooked Teeth
  8. I Will Follow You Into the Dark
  9. Black Sun
  10. Northern Lights
  11. Cath...
  12. Soul Meets Body
  13. Transatlanticism