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Mon, Feb 6, 2023

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Sep 8
Queens of the Stone Age at Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Queens of the Stone Age Villains
NOTE: ‘Head Like A Haunted House’ was on the setlist, but not played
  1. A Song for the Deaf
  2. Do It Again
  3. Feet Don't Fail Me
  4. The Way You Used to Do
  5. You Think I Ain't Worth a Dollar, but I Feel Like a Millionaire
  6. No One Knows
  7. Turnin' on the Screw
  8. The Evil Has Landed
  9. In the Fade
  10. Un-Reborn Again
  11. My God Is the Sun
  12. Burn the Witch
  13. Domesticated Animals
  14. If I Had a Tail
  15. Make It Wit Chu
  16. I Appear Missing
  17. Little Sister
  18. Go With the Flow
  1. Regular John
  2. A Song for the Dead