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Mon, Jun 24, 2024

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Nov 26
At the Drive‐In, Royal Blood at 3Arena in Dublin, Dublin, Ireland
At the Drive‐In in•ter a•li•a
  1. Arcarsenal
  2. No Wolf Like the Present
  3. Pattern Against User
  4. Hostage Stamps
  5. Call Broken Arrow
  6. Cosmonaut
  7. Enfilade
  8. Governed by Contagions
  9. One Armed Scissor
Royal Blood How Did We Get So Dark?
  1. Lights Out
  2. Where Are You Now?
  3. Come on Over
  4. You Can Be So Cruel
  5. I Only Lie When I Love You
  6. She's Creeping (with backing vocalists)
  7. Look Like You Know (with backing vocalists )
  8. Little Monster
  9. Hook, Line & Sinker
  10. Blood Hands
  11. Sleep
  12. Hole in Your Heart
  13. How Did We Get So Dark? (with backing vocalists)
  14. Loose Change
  15. Figure It Out
  1. Ten Tonne Skeleton
  2. Out of the Black (extended outro)