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Thu, Oct 21, 2021

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Oct 28
Harlequin at Northern Lights Palace in Melfort, SA, Canada
  1. I Did It for Love
  2. Love on the Rocks
  3. You Are The Light
  4. I Won't Back Down (Played as tribute to Tom Petty) (Tom Petty Cover)
  5. Sweet Things in Life
  6. Don't Let Me Down (The Beatles Cover)
  7. It's All Over Now (including bass solo by Brent Pearen & guitar solo by Derrick Gottfried)
  8. Survive
  9. With a Little Help From My Friends (Played as tribute to Kenny Shields of Streetheart) (The Beatles Cover)
  10. Shine On
  11. Thinking of You
  12. Superstitious Feeling / Heartbreaker (with Led Zeppelin's "Heartbreaker" as outro)
  13. Innocence
  1. Gimme Shelter (The Rolling Stones Cover)
  2. Whole Lotta Love / Helter Skelter / Going Down (Led Zeppelin cover / The Beatles cover / Freddie King cover)