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Sat, Jun 3, 2023

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Aug 26
Krokus, Status Quo at Spiezer Bucht in Spiez, Switzerland
Krokus No Tour Assigned
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Status Quo No Tour Assigned
  1. The Drone
  2. Caroline
  3. Something 'bout You Baby I Like (Richard Supa Cover)
  4. Rain
  5. Softer Ride
  6. Beginning of the End
  7. Hold You Back
  8. What You're Proposing / Down the Dustpipe / Wild Side of Life / Railroad / Again and Again
  9. Paper Plane
  10. In the Army Now (Bolland & Bolland Cover)
  11. Roll Over Lay Down
  12. Down Down
  13. Whatever You Want
  14. Rockin' All Over the World (John Fogerty Cover)
  15. Rock and Roll Music / Bye Bye Johnny (Chuck Berry Cover)