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Sun, Sep 19, 2021

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Jul 25
Phish at Madison Square Garden in New York, NY, USA
Phish Summer Tour 2017
NOTE: This show was night four of Phish's Baker's Dozen run at Madison Square Garden and consisted of a jam-filled donut theme; Raspberry jam-filled donuts dipped in honey were given out to fans arriving at the venue and songs such as 'Sample in a Jar' and 'Lawn Boy' were jammed out longer than usual.
Set 1:
  1. Sample in a Jar
  2. Lawn Boy (Page on keytar) (> jam >)
  3. My Friend, My Friend (no 'myfe' ending) (>)
  4. Stash
  5. Bathtub Gin
Set 2:
  1. Fuego (>)
  2. Thread (>)
  3. Crosseyed and Painless (>) (Talking Heads Cover)
  4. Makisupa Policeman (with 'Jamming' quote) (>)
  5. End of Session (live debut) (>)
  6. Tuesday (>) (Trey Anastasio Cover)
  7. Cavern
  1. Julius (> 'Lawn Boy' reprise)