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Mon, Sep 25, 2023

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Jun 10
Modest Mouse at Pinewood Bowl Amphitheater in Lincoln, NE, USA
Modest Mouse No Tour Assigned
NOTE: Soundchecked Broke
  1. Missed the Boat
  2. Cowboy Dan
  3. What People Are Made Of
  4. Dashboard
  5. 3rd Planet
  6. Bukowski
  7. Satin in a Coffin
  8. Shit in Your Cut
  9. Tiny Cities Made of Ashes
  10. Lampshades on Fire
  11. Never Ending Math Equation
  12. The World at Large
  13. Sugar Boats
  14. Shit Luck
  15. The Ground Walks, With Time in a Box
  1. Gravity Rides Everything
  2. Float On
  3. Night on the Sun
  4. Paper Thin Walls
  5. Dramamine (with "Life Like Weeds" outro)
  6. The Good Times Are Killing Me