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Mon, May 27, 2024

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Apr 20
Blackberry Smoke at Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, FL, USA
Blackberry Smoke Like an Arrow
  1. Promised Land (Chuck Berry Cover)
  2. Fire in the Hole
  3. Six Ways to Sunday
  4. Good One Comin' On
  5. Crimson Moon
  6. Waiting for the Thunder
  7. Rock and Roll Again
  8. Let It Burn
  9. Sleeping Dogs (with 'Your Time Is Gonna Come' snippet)
  10. Ought to Know
  11. Believe You Me
  12. Running Through Time
  13. The Whippoorwill
  14. Ramble On Rose (Grateful Dead Cover)
  15. Lay It All on Me
  16. Don't Bogart Me (Fraternity of Man Cover)
  17. Ain't Got the Blues
  18. You Can't Always Get What You Want (with Devon Allman) (The Rolling Stones Cover)
  19. Free on the Wing (with Devon Allman)
  20. One Horse Town
  21. Sunrise in Texas (Michael Tolcher Cover)
  22. Ain't Much Left of Me (with 'Three Little Birds' snippet)