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Mon, May 27, 2024

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Apr 14
The Smashing Pumpkins at Civic Opera House in Chicago, IL, USA
The Smashing Pumpkins In Plainsong
  1. Cardinal Rule
  2. Stumbleine
  3. Tonight, Tonight
  4. The World's Fair (Billy Corgan Cover)
  5. Space Oddity (David Bowie Cover)
  6. Thirty-Three (with Liz Phair)
  7. Jesus, I / Mary Star of the Sea (Zwan Cover)
  8. Mayonaise (Beginning of 'Siamese Suite') (with James Iha)
  9. Soma (with James Iha)
  10. Rocket (with James Iha)
  11. Spaceboy (with James Iha)
  12. Today (with James Iha)
  13. Whir (with James Iha)
  14. Disarm (End of 'Siamese Suite') (with James Iha)
  15. Sorrows (In Blue) (Billy Corgan Cover)
  16. Eye
  17. Saturnine
  18. Identify (Natalie Imbruglia Cover)
  19. 1979
  20. Stand Inside Your Love
  21. Pinwheels
  22. Lily (My One and Only)
  23. Malibu (Hole Cover)
  24. The Spaniards (Billy Corgan Cover)
  1. Angie (The Rolling Stones Cover)