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Thu, Oct 21, 2021

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Dec 6
Girlschool, Motörhead, Saxon at Hartwall Areena in Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland
Girlschool Guilty as Sin
  1. Demolition Boys
  2. C'mon Let's Go
  3. Come the Revolution
  4. Take It Like a Band
  5. Future Flash
  6. Watch Your Step
  7. Race With the Devil (The Gun Cover)
  8. Emergency
Motörhead 40th Anniversary
  1. Intro (Bomber planes and sirens)
  2. Bomber
  3. Stay Clean
  4. Metropolis
  5. When the Sky Comes Looking for You
  6. Over the Top
  7. Guitar Solo
  8. The Chase Is Better Than the Catch
  9. Lost Woman Blues
  10. Rock It
  11. Orgasmatron
  12. Doctor Rock (With drum solo)
  13. Just 'Cos You Got the Power
  14. No Class (with Michael Monroe)
  15. Ace of Spades
  1. Whorehouse Blues (Acoustic) (With band introductions)
  2. Overkill (Featuring the Bomber plane) (with Michael Monroe)
  3. Pussy (Rammstein Cover)
Saxon Battering Ram
  1. It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll) (AC/DC Cover)
  2. Battering Ram
  3. Motorcycle Man
  4. Sacrifice
  5. 747 (Strangers in the Night) (with Phil Campbell)
  6. Power and the Glory
  7. 20,000 Ft
  8. The Devil's Footprint
  9. Heavy Metal Thunder
  10. Queen of Hearts
  11. Princess of the Night
  12. Wheels of Steel
  13. Crusader
  14. Never Surrender
  15. Kingdom of the Cross