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Mon, May 17, 2021

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Apr 8
Patti Smith at The Greene Space in New York, NY, USA
Patti Smith No Tour Assigned
NOTE: "SPINNING ON EARTH: An Earth Day special for April, Earth & Poetry Month. A night of music, poetry, & conversation on climate change." Hosted by David Garland, of "Spinning On Air" & featuring: PATTI SMITH, JESSE PARIS SMITH, TONY SHANAHAN, Rebecca Foon, Anne Waldman, May Boeve, Rachel Marco-Havens, Tsechu Dolma, Rima Fujita, & Larkin Grimm.
  1. April (poem, w/Jesse Paris Smith & Rebecca Foon)
  2. Wing (w/Tony Shanahan & Jesse Paris Smith)
  3. Dancing Barefoot (w/Tony Shanahan & Jesse Paris Smith) (Patti Smith Group Cover)
  4. Sunflower Sutra (w/Jesse Paris Smith) (Allen Ginsberg Cover)
  5. People Have the Power (w/Tony Shanahan, Jesse Paris Smith, Rebecca Foon, Anne Waldman, David Garland, Rachel Marco-Havens)