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Mon, Jan 17, 2022

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Dec 2
Sabaton at Sub89 in Reading, England, UK
Sabaton Heroes on Tour
  1. The Final Countdown (Europe Cover)
  2. The March to War
  3. Ghost Division
  4. To Hell and Back
  5. Carolus Rex
  6. 40:1
  7. Gott mit uns (Chosen by the crowd to be sung in Swedish)
  8. Soldier of 3 Armies (Chosen by the crowd over "Smoking Snakes")
  9. The Art of War
  10. 7734
  11. The Lion From the North (Chosen by the crowd over "1648")
  12. Attero Dominatus
  13. Resist and Bite (With Joakim Brodén playing guitar)
  14. Screaming Eagles (Chosen by a crowd member over "Uprising" and "White death")
  1. Night Witches
  2. Panzer Battalion (The crowd were calling for "Swedish pagans", but Pär wrote this on the setlist instead)
  3. Primo Victoria
  4. Metal Crüe