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Tue, Nov 29, 2022

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Sep 27
Entombed A.D. at La Dynamo in Toulouse, Midi-Pyrénées, France
Entombed A.D. Back to the Front European Tour 2014
  1. Pandemic Rage
  2. I For an Eye (Entombed Cover)
  3. Revel in Flesh (Entombed Cover)
  4. Second to None
  5. Living Dead (Entombed Cover)
  6. Kill to Live
  7. To Ride, Shoot Straight and Speak the Truth (Entombed Cover)
  8. The Underminer
  9. Out of Hand (Entombed Cover)
  10. Wolverine Blues (Entombed Cover)
  11. Chaos Breed (Entombed Cover)
  12. Waiting for Death
  13. Chief Rebel Angel (Entombed Cover)
  1. Left Hand Path (Entombed Cover)
  2. Abnormally Deceased (Entombed Cover)
  3. Supposed to Rot (Entombed Cover)
  4. Serpent Speech (Entombed Cover)