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Thu, Mar 30, 2023

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Jul 3
Black Oak Arkansas at Sellersville Theater in Sellersville, PA, USA
Black Oak Arkansas
NOTE: No Encore
  1. I Shall Be Released (Bob Dylan Cover)
  2. Plugged In and Wired
  3. Hot Rod
  4. Uncle Lijiah
  5. Heartbreaker (Grand Funk Railroad Cover)
  6. Post Toastee (Tommy Bolin Cover)
  7. High 'n' Dry
  8. Sweet Delta Water
  9. Happy Hooker
  10. Hot and Nasty
  11. Drum Solo
  12. When Electricity Came to Arkansas
  13. Lord Have Mercy on My Soul
  14. Shake the Devil (Tommy Bolin Cover)
  15. Jim Dandy (Lincoln Chase Cover)