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Tue, May 28, 2024

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Feb 22
Eddie Vedder at QPAC Concert Hall in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Eddie Vedder
  1. I Am Mine (Pearl Jam Cover)
  2. You Can Close Your Eyes (James Taylor Cover)
  3. Wishlist (Pearl Jam Cover)
  4. Can't Keep (Pearl Jam Cover)
  5. Sleeping by Myself
  6. Without You
  7. Soon Forget (Pearl Jam Cover)
  8. Long Road (Pearl Jam Cover)
  9. I'm Open (Pearl Jam Cover)
  10. Man of the Hour (Pearl Jam Cover)
  11. Far Behind
  12. Guaranteed
  13. Rise
  14. Long Nights
  15. Unthought Known (Pearl Jam Cover)
  16. Throw Your Arms Around Me (Hunters & Collectors Cover)
  17. Better Man (Pearl Jam Cover)
  18. Porch (Pearl Jam Cover)
  1. Future Days (Pearl Jam Cover)
  2. Growin' Up (Bruce Springsteen Cover)
  3. You've Got to Hide Your Love Away (The Beatles Cover)
  4. Sleepless Nights (The Everly Brothers Cover)
  5. Present Tense (Pearl Jam Cover)
  6. Society (Jerry Hannan Cover)
  7. Falling Slowly (The Swell Season Cover)
  8. Parting Ways (Pearl Jam Cover)
  9. Arc (Pearl Jam Cover)
  10. Ukulele Anthem (Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra Cover)
  11. Hard Sun (Indio Cover)