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Thu, Jul 25, 2024

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May 18
Counting Crows at Nürburgring in Nürburg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Counting Crows Underwater Sunshine
  1. Ooh La La (Faces Cover)
  2. Anna Begins
  3. Carriage
  4. Butterfly in Reverse
  5. Hazy
  6. Goodnight Elisabeth (There Goes Everything snippet)
  7. Washington Square
  8. Angels of the Silences (acoustic)
  9. Blues Run the Game (Jackson C. Frank Cover)
  10. Untitled (Love Song) (The Romany Rye Cover)
  11. Walkaways
  12. Hanging Tree
  13. 1492
  14. A Mona Lisa
  15. Anyone but You
  16. Closer to You
  17. Another Horsedreamer's Blues
  18. The Ballad of El Goodo (Big Star Cover)
  19. The Ghost in You (The Psychedelic Furs Cover)
  1. Start Again (Teenage Fanclub Cover)
  2. Heaven Knows
  3. Amie (Pure Prairie League Cover)