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Mon, Sep 25, 2023

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Jun 6
Machine Head at King's College London Student Union (KCLSU) in London, England, UK
Machine Head No Tour Assigned
NOTE: Secret gig under name 'Ten Ton Hammer'
  1. Ten Ton Hammer (Original extended version)
  2. Battery (Metallica Cover)
  3. The Hellion (Judas Priest Cover)
  4. Hell Bent for Leather (Judas Priest Cover)
  5. Wolves
  6. Fucking Hostile (preceded by A New Level and Walk intros, followed by CFH, Primal C. S. and Mouth For War snippets) (Pantera Cover)
  7. Everlong (Foo Fighters Cover)
  8. Pearls Before the Swine (Live Debut)
  9. Sad Statue (System of a Down Cover)
  10. Hallowed Be Thy Name (Iron Maiden Cover)
  11. The Number of the Beast (With "Phantom of the Opera" snippet) (Iron Maiden Cover)
  12. Bite the Bullet
  13. Alan's on Fire (Poison Idea Cover)
  14. Postmortem (Slayer Cover)
  15. Halo
  16. Davidian