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Thu, Feb 2, 2023

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May 10
The Cars at The Showbox SoDo in Seattle, WA, USA
The Cars Move Like This
NOTE: Opening date of their first tour in 25 years. This was their first and only tour without Ben Orr who passed away in 2000. They had his bass guitar propped up on stage with a spotlight on it to commemorate his place in the band.
  1. Good Times Roll
  2. Blue Tip (Premiere: First time ever)
  3. Since You're Gone
  4. Up and Down (First time since 1980)
  5. My Best Friend's Girl
  6. Hits Me (Premiere: First time ever)
  7. Touch and Go
  8. I'm in Touch With Your World (First time since 1978)
  9. Keep On Knocking (Premiere: First time ever)
  10. You Might Think
  11. Drag On Forever (Premiere: First time ever)
  12. Free (Premiere: First time ever)
  13. I'm Not the One (First time since 1984)
  14. Heartbeat City (First time since 1985)
  15. Let's Go
  16. Moving in Stereo (The band was out of sync throughout, the entire song was played)
  17. Moving in Stereo (Second Take per Ric Ocasek request)
  1. Sad Song (Premiere: First time ever)
  2. Just What I Needed