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Sat, Jun 3, 2023

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Dec 10
John Mayer at Steiner Studios in Brooklyn, NY, USA
John Mayer
NOTE: Filmed for the TV show VH1 Storytellers, which aired on January 28, 2010. No Such Thing and Waiting on the World to Change were done again as an encore due to technical difficulties with those songs during the main set. Songs used in the broadcast were: No Such Thing (Take 2), Daughters, Heartbreak Warfare, Daughters Jam, Your Body Is a Wonderland, Who Says, and Waiting on the World to Change (Take 2).
  1. Comfortable
  2. Your Body Is a Wonderland (with Robbie McIntosh)
Full Band
  1. No Such Thing (Take 1)
  2. Bigger Than My Body
  3. Daughters (followed by short Jam making fun of Daughters due to a technical issue)
  4. Waiting on the World to Change (Take 1)
  5. Gravity
  6. Who Says
  7. Say
  8. Half of My Heart
  9. Heartbreak Warfare
  10. Cross Road Blues (Robert Johnson Cover)
  1. Waiting on the World to Change (Take 2)
  2. No Such Thing (Take 2)