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Mon, Jun 27, 2022

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Jun 30
Spinal Tap at Wembley Arena in London, England, UK
Spinal Tap One Night Only World Tour
NOTE: Big Bottom with Keith Emerson (ELP) on drums, "Ready" Freddie Washington (Steely Dan), Justin Hawkins (The Darkness) and Andy Scott (Sweet) on basses
  1. The Majesty of Rock
  2. Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight
  3. Bitch School
  4. Back From the Dead
  5. (Listen to the) Flower People
  6. Cash on Delivery
  7. Hell Hole
  8. The Majesty of Rock
  9. Gimme Some Money
  10. Saucy Jack
  11. Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare
  12. Cups and Cakes
  13. Sex Farm (funk version)
  14. Clam Caravan
  15. All the Way Home
  16. Warmer Than Hell
  17. Diva Fever
  18. Stonehenge (with morris-dancing dwarves)
  19. Stinking Up the Great Outdoors
  20. Rock and Roll Creation
  21. Short and Sweet (with Keith Emerson)
  22. Big Bottom (with Keith Emerson, Freddie Washington, Justin Hawkins and Andy Scott)
  1. Heavy Duty (with Keith Emerson)
Encore 2
  1. Break Like the Wind (with Keith Emerson)