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Tue, Dec 6, 2022

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May 26
Spinal Tap at Beacon Theatre in New York, NY, USA
Spinal Tap Unplugged & Unwigged
  1. Celtic Blues (Verse 1)
  2. Hell Hole
  3. Never Did No Wanderin' (The Folksmen Cover)
  4. Clam Caravan
  5. Bitch School
  6. Loco Man (The Folksmen Cover)
  7. This Bulging River
  8. Gimme Some Money (with Elvis Costello)
  9. Blood on the Coal (The Folksmen Cover)
  10. (Listen to the) Flower People
  11. Corn Wine
  12. The Majesty of Rock
  13. All Backed Up
  14. Stonehenge
  15. Start Me Up (The Rolling Stones Cover)
  16. A Penny for Your Thoughts
  17. Cups and Cakes
  18. A Mighty Wind (The Folksmen Cover)
  19. Saucy Jack
  20. Big Bottom
  21. The Good Book Song (with Annette O’Toole)
  22. A Kiss at the End of the Rainbow (with Annette O’Toole)
  23. Rainy Day Sun
  24. Sex Farm (Funk version)
  25. All the Way Home
  26. Old Joe's Place (The Folksmen Cover)
  27. Celtic Blues (Verse 2)
  28. Heavy Duty