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Thu, Apr 18, 2024

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Feb 22
Nazareth at ABC Glasgow in Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Nazareth 40th Anniversary Tour
  1. Beggars Day (Crazy Horse Cover)
  2. Keep On Travellin'
  3. Razamanaz
  4. This Flight Tonight (Joni Mitchell Cover)
  5. Day at the Beach
  6. My White Bicycle (Tomorrow Cover)
  7. Big Boy (The Sensational Alex Harvey Band Cover)
  8. Enough Love
  9. Bad Bad Boy
  10. Whiskey Drinkin' Woman
  11. The Gathering
  12. Love Hurts (The Everly Brothers Cover)
  13. Hair of the Dog
  14. Expect No Mercy
  1. Morning Dew (Bonnie Dobson Cover)
  2. Broken Down Angel