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Thu, Aug 18, 2022

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Jun 26
Lindsey Buckingham at Rushmore Plaza Civic Center in Rapid City, SD, USA
Lindsey Buckingham Under The Skin
  1. Not Too Late
  2. Trouble
  3. Never Going Back Again (Fleetwood Mac Cover)
  4. Second Hand News (Fleetwood Mac Cover)
  5. Cast Away Dreams
  6. Red Rover (Fleetwood Mac Cover)
  7. It Was You
  8. Big Love (Fleetwood Mac Cover)
  9. Go Insane
  10. Under the Skin
  11. World Turning (Fleetwood Mac Cover)
  12. I'm So Afraid (Fleetwood Mac Cover)
  13. I Know I'm Not Wrong (Fleetwood Mac Cover)
  14. Tusk (Fleetwood Mac Cover)
  15. Go Your Own Way (Fleetwood Mac Cover)
  1. Holiday Road
  2. Turn It On
  3. Show You How
  4. Shut Us Down