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Mon, Jan 17, 2022

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Dec 8
Primus at RIMAC Arena in La Jolla, CA, USA
Primus Beat a Dead Horse Tour
  1. To Defy the Laws of Tradition
  2. Mr. Knowitall
  3. Sgt. Baker
  4. Those Damned Blue-Collar Tweekers
  5. Southbound Pachyderm
  6. Seas of Cheese
  7. De Anza Jig
  8. Mr. Krinkle
  9. Over the Electric Grapevine
  10. My Name Is Mud
  11. Harold of the Rocks
  1. Pudding Time (Partially played before starting Tommy The Cat after Ler teases "Stairway to Heaven")
  2. Tommy the Cat (Pleasure "Glide", Stanley Clarke "We Supply", and Larry Graham "The Jam" teases in middle of song)