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Mon, Dec 6, 2021

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Oct 23
The Black Crowes at Music Box at the Fonda in Hollywood, CA, USA
The Black Crowes All Join Hands
Set 1:
  1. Stare It Cold
  2. Thick N' Thin
  3. Soul Singing
  4. Seeing Things
  5. Go Tell the Congregation
  6. Ride on a Pony (Free Cover)
  7. Sister Luck
  8. You Gotta Move ([traditional] Cover)
  9. Space Captain (Matthew Moore Cover)
  10. Only a Fool
  11. My Morning Song (>)
  12. Magic Bus (> 'My Morning Song' reprise) (The Who Cover)
Set 2:
  1. Virtue and Vice
  2. Song of Love (Manassas Cover)
  3. Another Roadside Tragedy
  4. Cancel Everything (Ron Wood Cover)
  5. Ballad in Urgency
  6. Wiser Time
  7. Do Right Woman, Do Right Man (Aretha Franklin Cover)
  8. How Much for Your Wings?
  9. She Gave Good Sunflower
  10. She Talks to Angels
  11. Remedy
  1. Happy (The Rolling Stones Cover)