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Fri, Oct 7, 2022

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Aug 16
Patti Smith at Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, BC, Canada
Patti Smith Trampin'
  1. Trampin'
  2. Stride of the Mind
  3. Jubilee
  4. Break It Up
  5. So You Want to Be a Rock 'n' Roll Star (The Byrds Cover)
  6. Cash
  7. Beneath the Southern Cross
  8. Grateful
  9. Seven Ways of Going (Patti Smith Group Cover)
  10. Summer Cannibals
  11. Space Monkey (Patti Smith Group Cover)
  12. My Blakean Year
  13. Because the Night (Patti Smith Group Cover)
  14. Dancing Barefoot (Patti Smith Group Cover)
  15. Gandhi
  16. Peaceable Kingdom
  17. People Have the Power
  1. Free Money
  2. Gloria (Them Cover)