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Sun, Jul 14, 2024

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May 28
Ian Hunter, Ian Hunter & The Rant Band at London Astoria in London, England, UK
Ian Hunter
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Ian Hunter & The Rant Band
  1. Rest in Peace (Mott the Hoople Cover)
  2. Rock and Roll Queen (Mott the Hoople Cover)
  3. Once Bitten Twice Shy (Ian Hunter Cover)
  4. Twisted Steel (Ian Hunter Cover)
  5. I Wish I Was Your Mother (Mott the Hoople Cover)
  6. Knees of My Heart (Ian Hunter Cover)
  7. 23A, Swan Hill (Ian Hunter Cover)
  8. Irene Wilde (Ian Hunter Cover)
  9. No Wheels to Ride (Mott the Hoople Cover)
  10. You Nearly Did Me In
  11. A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square (Manning Sherwin Cover)
  12. Rollerball (Ian Hunter Cover)
  13. The Truth, the Whole Truth, Nuthin' but the Truth (Ian Hunter Cover)
  14. Roll Away the Stone (W/Tracie) (Mott the Hoople Cover)
  15. Saturday Gigs (Mott the Hoople Cover)
  16. All the Young Dudes (W/Tracie, Jesse And Joe Elliott) (David Bowie Cover)
  1. The Journey (Mott the Hoople Cover)
  2. I Can Feel (Mott the Hoople Cover)
  3. Dead Man Walkin' (Eastenders) (Ian Hunter Cover)
  4. Sea Diver (Mott the Hoople Cover)
  5. Just Another Night (Ian Hunter Cover)
  6. Cleveland Rocks (Ian Hunter Cover)
Encore 2
  1. Michael Picasso (Ian Hunter Cover)
  2. Standin' in My Light (Ian Hunter Cover)
  3. All the Way From Memphis (W/Joe Elliott And Brian May) (Mott the Hoople Cover)