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Mon, Sep 25, 2023

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Jun 9
Sonic Youth at Vooruit Theaterzaal in Ghent, Flanders, Belgium
Sonic Youth Goodbye 20th Century
NOTE: SY were joined by Dean Vandewalle on piano and Jean Marc Montera on guitar.
  1. Having Never Written a Note for Percussion (James Tenney Cover)
  2. Voice Piece for Soprano (pt 1 - Against the Wind) (Yoko Ono Cover)
  3. Six (John Cage Cover)
  4. Voice Piece for Soprano (pt 2 - Against the Wall) (Yoko Ono Cover)
  5. Burdocks (Christian Wolff Cover)
  6. Voice Piece for Soprano (pt 3 - Against the Sky) (Yoko Ono Cover)
  7. Treatise (Page 183) (Cornelius Cardew Cover)
  8. Clapping Music (Steve Reich Cover)
  9. Fourā¶ (John Cage Cover)
  10. She Is Not Alone
  11. Side2Side
  1. NYC Ghosts & Flowers