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Sun, Jul 14, 2024

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Oct 13
Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes at Roseland Ballroom in New York, NY, USA
Jimmy Page & The Black Cr... Excess All Areas
  1. Celebration Day (Led Zeppelin Cover)
  2. Custard Pie (Led Zeppelin Cover)
  3. Sick Again (Led Zeppelin Cover)
  4. No Speak No Slave (The Black Crowes Cover)
  5. What Is and What Should Never Be (Led Zeppelin Cover)
  6. Wiser Time (The Black Crowes Cover)
  7. Shake Your Moneymaker (Elmore James Cover)
  8. Ten Years Gone (Led Zeppelin Cover)
  9. In My Time of Dying (Blind Willie Johnson Cover)
  10. Your Time Is Gonna Come (Led Zeppelin Cover)
  11. Remedy (The Black Crowes Cover)
  12. The Lemon Song (Led Zeppelin Cover)
  13. Woke Up This Morning (My Baby She Was Gone) (B.B. King and His Orchestra Cover)
  14. Shapes of Things (The Yardbirds Cover)
  15. Nobody's Fault but Mine (Blind Willie Johnson Cover)
  16. Heartbreaker (Led Zeppelin Cover)
  1. Hey, Hey, What Can I Do (Led Zeppelin Cover)
  2. Hard to Handle (Otis Redding Cover)
  3. Out on the Tiles (Led Zeppelin Cover)
  4. Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin Cover)