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Tue, Sep 21, 2021

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Apr 3
Genesis at Stockholm Globe Arena in Stockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden
Genesis Calling All Stations
  1. No Son of Mine
  2. Land of Confusion
  3. The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway
  4. Calling All Stations
  5. The Carpet Crawlers
  6. There Must Be Some Other Way
  7. Domino
  8. Firth of Fifth
  9. Congo
  10. Home by the Sea
  11. Second Home by the Sea
  1. Dancing With the Moonlit Knight
  2. Follow You Follow Me
  3. Supper's Ready (Lover's Leap)
  4. Not About Us
  1. Mama
  2. The Dividing Line
  3. Invisible Touch
  4. Turn It On Again
  1. Throwing It All Away
  2. I Can't Dance