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Wed, Jun 19, 2024

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Aug 17
Elvis Costello & The Attractions at Rosemont Theatre in Rosemont, IL, USA
Elvis Costello & The Attr... All This Useless Beauty
  1. Man Out of Time
  2. The Beat
  3. Clown Strike (Elvis Costello Cover)
  4. Uncomplicated
  5. Little Atoms
  6. Far From the Prize
  7. Why Can't a Man Stand Alone?
Costello & Nieve
  1. Party Girl
  2. Love Field
  3. Veronica (Elvis Costello Cover)
  4. Kid About It
  5. The Other End (Of the Telescope) (’Til Tuesday Cover)
  1. 13 Steps Lead Down (Elvis Costello Cover)
  2. Green Shirt
  3. Brilliant Mistake (Elvis Costello Cover)
  4. All This Useless Beauty
  5. Distorted Angel / (I Don't Want to Go to) Chelsea (includes "That Lady")
  6. Pump It Up (includes "Slow Down")
  7. Beyond Belief
  8. Accidents Will Happen
  9. Complicated Shadows
  1. Alison (Elvis Costello Cover)
  2. Rocking Horse Road (includes "You've Been Cheatin') (Elvis Costello Cover)
  3. Watching the Detectives (Elvis Costello Cover)
Encore 2
  1. You Bowed Down
  2. Riot Act
  3. (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding (includes "I'm Ahead If I Can Quit While I'm Behind) (Brinsley Schwarz Cover)