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Jun 2
Grateful Dead at Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, CA, USA
Grateful Dead Summer Tour 1995
Set 1:
  1. Alabama Getaway
  2. Greatest Story Ever Told (Bob Weir Cover)
  3. Candyman
  4. Good Morning, School Girl (Sonny Boy Williamson Cover)
  5. Ramble On Rose
  6. El Paso (Marty Robbins Cover)
  7. Bird Song (Jerry Garcia Cover)
  8. Promised Land (Chuck Berry Cover)
Set 2:
  1. New Speedway Boogie
  2. That Would Be Something (Paul McCartney Cover)
  3. Way to Go Home
  4. Saint of Circumstance
  5. He's Gone
  6. Drums (with Chanting by the Gyoto Monks)
  7. Space
  8. Easy Answers (Rob Wasserman Cover)
  9. Standing on the Moon
  10. Around and Around (Chuck Berry Cover)
  1. Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds (The Beatles Cover)